JUN 8 – JUL 27, 2021


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In theory, specialization is simply answering the question: “what is the focus of my business?”

In practice, answering that question involves addressing 5 forms of uncertainty:

  • Will I enjoy this way of specializing?
  • Will this way of specializing build on my biggest advantage?
  • Will this way of specializing expose me to too much risk?
  • Will the market respond positively to this way of specializing?
  • How should I transition from being a generalist to specializing in this way?

The pivotal moment in the specialization process is not making the decision; it’s getting the first feeling of traction as a result of the decision.

This workshop is about getting to that feeling of traction.


Learn and Grow with others who are specializing their business

This workshop is for self-employed service providers who want the beachhead that a specialization provides.

  • Independent consultants
  • Ambitious freelancers
  • Custom software developers
  • Designers
  • Those who ultimately want to sell their thinking rather than their doing


“This workshop provides more support than my book on specialization can”

As I’ve helped people through the generalist to specialist transition, I’ve realized that success really comes from the how good the implementation of the specialization decision is, not how high quality the decision itself is. You can make the most amazing, high quality specialization decision possible, but if the implementation of that decision is low quality then you’ll get dissapointing results.

Furthermore, I’ve learned that the pivotal moment in the specialization process is not making the decision, it’s getting the first feeling of traction as a result of the decision. That moment is what fuels the determination and resolve that are critical to a good implementation of the decision. That first feeling of traction energizes you for a good implementation of your specialization decision.

This workshop is about getting to that feeling of traction.


Workshop Syllabus

  • Week 1: Understanding Specialization
  • Week 2: Developing a Specialization Hypothesis
  • 3: Validation Approaches
  • 4: The Free Gift of kNowledge (FGoN) Validation Approach
  • 5: FGoN Distribution
  • 6: FGoN Distribution + Understanding Implementation of a Specialization Decision
  • 7: FGoN Feedback
  • 8: Downstream Decisions

Sample Videos

I’ve pulled a few videos from the workshop curriculum and published them here so you can get a feel for what the instructional part of the workshop is like.


No other workshop on the market uses experiential learning this effectively

“Workshop” is a somewhat versatile word, and it’s used to describe a variety of experiences. With Indie Experts workshops, you will experience the transformation that can only come from doing something risky in a safe environment.

Not risky: listening to lectures and doing nothing.

Risky: putting a hypothesis in front of the actual market and getting feedback.

Experiential: Indie Experts workshops are experiential in nature. That’s why they’re usually 2 months long: to give you many opportunities between meetings to practice, experiment, and apply what you’re learning. That’s experiential learning.

20 participants max: Indie Experts workshops are limited to 20 participants each. Each week we meet for 90 minutes in a Zoom video meeting. Philip doesn’t lecture or dominate those meetings. Instead, he has structured them so that you have a safe but challenging space to share, further explore, and refine what you’ve experimented with in the previous week. Introverts feel comfortable being in the background and sharing their uniquely valuable insights when they’re ready.

Lectures: There is “lecture” content in these workshops, but that’s delivered asynchronously in the most compact, efficient form possible. Sometimes that’s a short audio lesson, sometimes it’s me talking through a slide deck in cases where visuals are important, sometimes it’s text.

Accessibility: There are 3 ways to get access to this workshop at well below the sticker price. Details: https://indieexperts.io/workshop-accessibility/


Date & Time:

JUNE 8 – JULY 27, 2021

Length & Format:

Workshop meetings are on Tuesdays, at 8:30am Mountain time (10:30am Eastern, 3:30pm GMT). Meetings last 90 minutes; sometimes a bit longer.

You’ll have immediate access to all of the lectures and homework assignments, but you’ll be encouraged to move through them one by one to avoid overwhelm.

Live Attendance: 

You’ll get the most out of this workshop by attending the meetings live, but if you have to miss one or two, don’t worry because recordings of each meeting are provided in the workshop Slack channel afterwards.

The workshop Slack channel is a place to connect with other current and previous workshop participants and get feedback on what you’re doing. It’s usually pretty low volume.


Q: If I can’t make every meeting, is this workshop worth it?

A: If you can make 80% or more of the meetings, you’ll get your money’s worth. If you can make fewer than 80% of the meetings, I’m concerned you might not get the value I’d hope for.

Meetings are recorded and shared with workshop participants only.

Q: What do I need to access this workshop?

A: The usual stuff: Slack, Zoom, and decent internet bandwidth for the meetings.

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JUN 8 – JUL 27, 2021

Workshop scholarships & discounts are available


Previous Participants

After the workshop ends, I ask participants if they are willing to provide a balanced pros/cons review of the workshop. The email I use to request this feedback is here.

Below are a few of the reviews I’ve gotten back.

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