Join A TEI Cohort – Enrollment Open Now

Format of Paid Cohorts

If you pay to join a TEI cohort, you join a small, supportive micro-community.

TEI Foundations Program

You start with the 9-month long Foundations Program.


  • Up to 5 people per cohort
  • One 90m online meeting per week
  • Private Slack for Q&A, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Private wiki to help you get up and running faster
  • Price: $2,100 per quarter or $700 per month
  • TEI scholarships & discounts are available

Paying to join a cohort will support your progress in the following ways:

  • Accountability: me, the group, and the money you’ve invested all bias you towards taking action. We meet weekly as a group to support each other.
  • Connection: Slack room, others doing the challenges with you

TEI Graduate Program

Those who complete the 9 month-long series of foundational challenges can opt to join the TEI Graduate program. In this program, you make 2 commitments each quarter:

  1. Embrace a Graduate Challenge
  2. Teach a 90-minute Graduate Seminar & Q&A, where you teach something you’ve learned that would be relevant to TEI members.

There’s also an all-graduates mastermind-style call weekly to help you get feedback on business decisions or specific expertise-driven projects you’re working on.


  • You embrace one Graduate Challenge per quarter
  • I facilitate one 90m all-graduates mastermind call every week; open to all current TEI Graduate members.
  • Price: $250 per month

TEI Private Cohort

I’ve had interest in delivering parts or all of TEI privately, to groups of employees at small professional services firms, to accelerate their professional development or build an in-house capacity for research or thought leadership. Learn more about TEI Private Cohorts.

Interested in joining the next Expertise Incubator cohort?

The two best next steps are to 1) check out the free curriculum and then 2) use the button below to save your seat in the next cohort.

Reserve a seat in the next cohort

The process for joining a cohort is this:

  1. Use the button below to leave a $100 deposit (eligible for PPP discount/scholarship). This offsets the price of your first month in TEI by $100 and guarantees you a seat in the next cohort.
  2. Two weeks before the next cohort starts, I’ll contact you with a scheduling poll to figure out a meeting time that works for you and the rest of your cohort.
  3. I’ll also send out instructions for setting up your infrastructure for the publication challenge, and a link where you can schedule a screensharing session if you need help with this part of things.