TEI Graduate Masterminds

What I call the TEI Foundations program ends at the end of this month. It’s been quite the journey, wouldn’t you say? šŸ™‚

I offer a continuation of TEI Foundations; the continuation is called TEI Graduate Masterminds.

Have I ever mentioned that for me the word “mastermind” immediately and uncontrollably evokes an image of dudes who publish $199/mo daytrading newsletters and lease Lamborghinis by the half-day for photo shoots, wearing pink golf shirts and pointey-toed loafers with no socks, sitting in a hotel conference room in San Diego? As Colonel Kurtz said in that recording, “That’s my dream; it’s my nightmare.”

Even so, there’s probably not a better universally-recognized word for the continuation of the TEI Foundations program, though “group coaching” might be a good alternative. For $250/mo, you get:

  • I’ll keep hosting weekly calls for you, and keep supporting+pushing your cultivation of expertise and the artifacts thereof.
  • I’ll ask you to do a livestreamed talk (similar toĀ https://indieexperts.io/indie-experts-talks/) that crystallizes your expertise/IP and support you in developing and delivering that talk.
  • Occasionally we have guest expert Q&A’s (https://indieexperts.io/member/tei/tei-external-expert-qas/). I’ll invite you to those.
  • Several times per year we have a TEI 48-hour Ā “ShipIt Challenge”. I’ll invite you to those as well.

There are two Graduates Mastermind meetings you can merge into:

  • Mondays, at noon Mountain Time zone
  • Wednesdays, at 9:30am Mountain Time

My goal with TEI is to create a space where you are supported in taking the kind of risks that cultivate expertise in your business and authority in the market. I’ve REALLY enjoyed having you in TEI, and if you see value in theĀ GraduateĀ Masterminds, I hope you’ll continue, and if the price is prohibitive, I hope you’ll let me offer you a scholarship or PPP option.