Indie Experts Talks

In Indie Experts, we practice the art of the presentation. Here are recordings of these talks.

Guillaume Wiatr On Finding Purpose

The usual understanding of organization or business purpose is broken. It leads to hollow, trite purpose statements. As soloists, if we let this broken understanding trickle down to our approach to individual and business purpose, our results will be just as bad.

In this Indie Experts talk, TEI member Guillaume Wiatr ( talks about a better approach to finding purpose.

Jim Thornton Practices His Pitch Deck

In this Indie Experts talk, TEI member Jim Thornton ( will practice pitching a new productized service he’s developed. The service is powered by some fascinating IP he’s developed, so if this kind of automation-human hybrid service is interesting to you, this IE Talk could be informative. You don’t have to buy or be a buyer for this service to get something from this talk.

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