Held in 2022, timing based on interest

Discover and articulate your point(s) of view


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Point of View is Positioning Squared

When clients face a risky change, your well-developed point of view comforts them and inspires action.

When they see an overwhelming number of options (a choice between even 3 specialized options can be an overwhelming in some cases), your point of view attracts or repels them, making the choice easier for them.

When podcast hosts or conference organizers face an ocean of applicants, your point of view seeks and colonizes whitespace, giving them something fresh to present to their audience.

Athletes or musicians can attend workshops to help them develop certain skills. Attorneys and physicians have continuing education.

This is a workshop for self-made experts to help you recognize, refine, or amplify your points of view.


Learn and Grow with others who are Refining Their Point Of View

This workshop is for self-employed service providers who want the polarizing power that a good point of view provides.

  • Independent consultants
  • Ambitious freelancers
  • Custom software developers
  • Designers
  • Those who ultimately want to sell their thinking rather than their doing

This workshop is an especially good fit:

  • If you’re starting with a basket of opinions you want to refine into a few well-honed points of view, this workshop is a fit.
  • If you’re starting with clarity on your market positon but confusion on your points of view, this workshop is a fit.
  • And finally, if you want to be efficient about cultivating a strong point of view at a future point, this workshop will be useful.


“Point of view is more than just being a contrarian.”

My first exposure to the idea of point of view came through Alan Weiss, who seemed to be simply recommending choosing and championing the opposite of the conventional wisdom. I might be missing something there, but this seemed like an arbitrary way to define my point of view. The quest for a different approach began there.

I sometimes refer to point of view as “positioning squared” because it adds a second layer of differentiation beyond specialization. Point of view is both context (where you stand and what you see as a result of standing there) and content (what you have to say to clients). Clarity in your point of view is critical to thought leadership.

This workshop is about cultivating a point of view that represents your expertise, thoughtfulness, and strength.


Workshop Syllabus

Here is the list of lectures and homework for the workshop. You can watch the videos for the lessons marked “Sample Lesson”.


No other workshop on the market uses experiential learning this effectively

“Workshop” is a somewhat versatile word, and it’s used to describe a variety of experiences. With Indie Experts workshops, you will experience the transformation that can only come from doing something risky in a safe environment.

Not risky: listening to lectures and doing nothing.

Risky: presenting your thinking to your workshop peers and getting feedback.

Experiential: Indie Experts workshops are experiential in nature. That’s why they’re usually 2 months long: to give you many opportunities between meetings to practice, experiment, and apply what you’re learning. That’s experiential learning.

20 participants max: Indie Experts workshops are limited to 20 participants each. Each week we meet for 90 minutes in a Zoom video meeting. Philip doesn’t lecture or dominate those meetings. Instead, he has structured them so that you have a safe but challenging space to share, further explore, and refine what you’ve experimented with in the previous week. Introverts feel comfortable being in the background and sharing their uniquely valuable insights when they’re ready.

Lectures: There is “lecture” content in these workshops, but that’s delivered asynchronously in the most compact, efficient form possible. Sometimes that’s a short audio lesson, sometimes it’s me talking through a slide deck in cases where visuals are important, sometimes it’s text.

Accessibility: There are 3 ways to get access to this workshop at well below the sticker price. Details: https://indieexperts.io/workshop-accessibility/


Date & Time:

2022, timing based on interest

You’ll have immediate access to all of the lectures and homework assignments, but you’ll be encouraged to move through them one by one to avoid overwhelm.

Live Attendance: 

You’ll get the most out of this workshop by attending the meetings live, but if you have to miss one or two, don’t worry because recordings of each meeting are provided in the workshop Slack channel afterwards.

The workshop Slack channel is a place to connect with other current and previous workshop participants and get feedback on what you’re doing. It’s usually pretty low volume.


Q: If I can’t make every meeting, is this workshop worth it?

A: If you can make 80% or more of the meetings, you’ll get your money’s worth. If you can make fewer than 80% of the meetings, I’m concerned you might not get the value I’d hope for.

Meetings are recorded and shared with workshop participants only.

Q: What do I need to access this workshop?

A: The usual stuff: Slack, Zoom, and decent internet bandwidth for the meetings. The lecture videos are hosted on Vimeo.

Q: Can you refine your point(s) of view before you have identified the market position you want to occupy, or can you do this work simultaneously?

A: I answer this question in some detail here: https://philipmorganconsulting.com/indie-experts-list/indie-experts-the-salt-crystal-and-the-glass-prism

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2022, timing based on interest

Workshop scholarships & discounts are available


Previous Participants

After the workshop ends, I ask participants if they are willing to provide a balanced pros/cons review of the workshop. The email I use to request this feedback is here.

Below are a few of the reviews I’ve gotten back.

Philip’s approach has structure without being rigid. If you’re looking for a recipe, this isn’t it. But, if you want a guide to take you through the process of developing a PoV, and some useful provocations along the way, definitely consider this workshop. You’ll benefit from your peers working out their own points-of-view, and where they’re coming from will cause you to reframe your own thinking more than once. 

Mike Wimsatt

The ability to develop and articulate a clear and useful point of view is the pinnacle of expertise; it requires focus, observation, intelligence, guts, persistence, and good writing skills. Philip has dedicated himself to the study of precisely how this is done. He is offering you a methodology to transform the way the world perceives you and your professional practice. How do you pass up that opportunity?

Scott Woods, West Arete

Philip’s Point of View (POV) workshop transformed my strategic understanding about how point of view shapes positioning in a market space and provided a valuable framework to create and evaluate my own point of view. If you do your homework, you will come out of the workshop with not only a profound shift in perspective, but also practical, constructive feedback from Philip and your workshop peers about your own points of view.

Frank Mclung

I took Philip’s POV workshop because I wanted to further hone our positioning with content that created enthusiastic leads. My nose is always in a business book and whenever I take a course I wonder how much will actually be new and of use to me? Philips’s approach is original and introduced me to ideas I haven’t encountered anywhere else. He ties smart “big picture” strategy into concrete tactics. By the end of the workshop, I felt like point-of-view was a tool that I understood and could employ to maximize the impact of our content. I highly recommend him and his training.

John Hooley

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